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Hmmm, I don't think we have to have a joke every week, so today I'm going to publish a short biography of John Clarke (aka. Fred Dagg, Kiwi Comedian for those who don't know him). Click here to view John's website.

CLARKE, John, Dip Lid, PhD in Cattle (Oxen), Advisor and comforter to various governments. Born 1948. Educ. subsequently. Traveled extensively throughout Holy Lands, then left New Zealand for Europe. Stationed in London 1971-73. Escaped (decorated). Rejoined unit. Arrived Australia 1977. Held positions with ABC radio (sckd), ABC Television (Dfnct), Various newspapers (Dcd), and Aust Film Industry (Fkd). Currently a freelance expert specialising in matters of a general character. Recreations: Whistling. Address: C/- the people next door. Or just pop it inside the door of the fusebox. Should be back Friday.

We don't know how lucky we are mate.

Click here for "The Gumboot Song" by Fred Dagg



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