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Came across this friendly little kitten on the way home from the shops on Saturday.  He was a bit aloof, but very cute.  Showed the pictures to my sis and she immediately started discussing the possibility of getting a kitten.


Speaking of kittens, I was checking out what the animal-rights people had to say about the trade in cat and dog meat.  I don't have any problem with people eating cats and dogs, but I was really disgusted by some of the pictures of the conditions that the poor creatures live in.  Or the way they are treated.  In some cases, a dog will be beaten to death with a metal pole, so that the meat is fresh and supposedly, more tasty.  That is utterly repulsive and wrong.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

that cat looks like he's got anger management problems. :)

3:39 pm, August 18, 2008 

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