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Four-Month-Old Baby Brutalised

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"A four-month-old boy was taken to Auckland's Middlemore Hospital on Saturday night (2 August) from his home in Papakura with critical head injuries which police said were non-accidental."  He is now fighting for his life in the same hospital which the horribly abused Kahui twins were taken to, but later died.  "The baby's parents, aged 18 and 19, reside in a rundown home where parties were always being held and people came and went at all hours."  Yeah, well that's going to help isn't it.  "Yesterday, empty beer bottles lay on the unmown lawn with other rubbish."  More detail on this case at

FOUR MONTHS OLD!  What animals could have done this to the poor defenceless little baby?  I am sick and tired of the same old, worn out knee-jerk reactions to New Zealand's disgusting and ongoing child-abuse problem.  The Anti-Smacking law is just one pathetic example of a beurocratic, "feel-good" law which has been forced upon New Zealand.  It does nothing to stop real child abuse while at the same time criminalising all good parents who smack their children occasionally, throwing them into the same basket as the low-life that killed the Kahui twins, 3yr old Nia and Coral Burrows.

Darren Rickard at Political Animal says,

"It is perverse that Cindy and her extreme socialist mates in the Labour Party have the whole thing back to front. That is socialism for you though. By its very nature it is dangerous, perverse, backwards, doesn't make sense and has led to much misery and eventually death, everywhere it has been practiced. The 4 month old boy joins a long list of New Zealand child abuse victims. Despite the Labour led Government spending more than NZ 14 million on anti-violence campaigns, at least three children under the age of 5 have died at the hands of parents or others this year. Many others have been seriously injured and the removal of section 59 just sits there blowing nakedly in the breeze, as a reminder of how thoughtless its proponents were. Hang your heads anti smacking zealots, your law is a resounding failure but the sensible among us, the majority of kiwis, already knew it would be before it was passed."

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