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20 Gigs of Youtube

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Heheheh, I thought I'd check out how much of Youtube's bandwidth had been used up by people watching my videos.  Turns out it was close to 21 gigabytes.  I know, some users on Youtube must have terabytes of bandwidth to their name, but even so...  my first PC had a 1 gigabyte hard drive which gave me a great sense of pride.  A few more statistics: I've watched 773 videos (could be double this, as I'm not always logged in) and had a total of 3,671 views on all my videos.  Youtube is really great, and this is the best video ever.

YouTube downloader is a great program for downloading videos.  (It's a two-step process, first you download the .flv (flash video) file, and second, you use the program to convert the .flv to a format such as .wmv (Windows Media Video).  Also, just a link to the best little video player in the World, VLC Player.  It will play DVDs, most video, mp3s, .flvs, etc.  Both programs are free of course.



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