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Amazing Grace

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This video is taken from the end of Michael Apted's 2006 film, Amazing Grace, featuring the Hornblower TV series star Ioan Gruffudd (one of my favourite actors) as William Wilberforce.  I've watched the movie twice in the theatre, but our family really should buy it on DVD.  While it's not an exact account of the life and deeds of William Wilberforce, no historical movies ever are.  Released in New Zealand at the time that we were busy collecting signatures for the Anti-Smacking Law petition, the film came as a huge encouragement to us.  William Wilberforce collected 390,000 signatures from across England, calling for the abolition of the slave trade.  And we collected 390,000 signatures calling for a referendum on the (anti-democratic) Anti-Parental-Authority law which was passed against the will of 83% of New Zealanders.

We sang this at Church last night, so uplifting.  And then today, a friend sent me a link to this video.  :)

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