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I wrote my 333rd post on Thursday.  I think that deserves a mention, seeing as the number 333 is of some significance to me.  The number 333 features in two of the oldest and best computer games I know and have played.  (Hey just so you know, I think that is the first, and almost certainly the last time I ever make use of coloured text in a blog post).  You'll know why if you play one of the games I'm going to mention.  The first is Hugo's Horrific Adventure (which you can download here).  It is a great old game, I have no trouble recommending it to children of all ages ;) It is a text-based game with graphics and a totally retro soundtrack.  The aim of the game is to help Hugo rescue his sweetheart Penelope from the haunted house.  Here are the Hugo sequels: Hugo 2: Whodunit? and Hugo 3: Jungle of Doom.  The Hugo games are so cool because you get really good at typing, and also they're so darn tricky to figure out.  It's fun for the whole family with the second game called Nitemare (and you can download it here).  Nitemare is like a first-person version of Hugo's Horrific Adventure.  The spine-chilling sythetic organ music is the perfect backdrop to this action-packed re-make of the classic Hugo game.  Nitemare isn't quite as enigmatic as it's predecessor, however it almost makes up for that with a nice range of villans, guns and levels.  I have spent many hours playing these games on my old Pentium 1 (75mhz, 32mb, 1gb) when I should have been tidying my room or doing my school-work.  Kids, don't try this at home.  Hey anyway, have a go at these cool games, but don't let them get in the way of real-life.  Computer games are so overrated.

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