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Cooking with Andy 2

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Apple and Honey Sandwiches

Today on Cooking with Andy, we are honoured to have the assistance of Lydia, world-famous in New Zealand for her creations from the kitchen. Bringing with her a contraband recipie from war-torn Scandinavia, Lydia is going to show us the correct way to make an apple and honey sandwich.

A pat of butter
4 slices of bread
1 apple (Braeburn's a good move)

Cut up your butter into small pieces, pop it in a breakfast bowl, and then pour on some water which is just about lukewarm. You'll probably get it right after a few goes. Too warm and the butter melts and mixes with the water; too cold, and the butter doesn't soften.

While the butter softens, cut your apple into slices.

Lay the slices of apple on two of your pieces of bread, and butter the other two with your nicely softened butter. Spread some honey on the bread - but only if your younger sister insists.

Then you can cut them up, and she's all good to go!

Perfect for a midnight snack for when you're up late watching some Olympic Games. Yawn, like I did on Sunday morning, stayed up til about 2am, watching an awfully boring game of women's football between New Zealand and Norway. We lost, one nil. Those of you who know me will not be too surprised when I say that I am not a huge follower of any sports, let alone women's football. Neither of the teams played very well, but in all honesty, New Zealand did not deserve to win the game, we played so poorly, letting so many beautiful opportunities whiz over our heads... literally.

Update (12 August 08):
- A couple of people mentioned to me that I'd forgotten to mention how the honey should be used. Have sorted this out.
- And, just for the record, those are not my hands.

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Blogger Isabella said...

One question, what happened to the honey?
Also eve apples are better!

2:05 pm, August 12, 2008 
Blogger Isabella said...

One question, what happened to the honey? and eve apples are best! ;)

2:10 pm, August 12, 2008 
Blogger Isabella said...

Whoops! not quiet sure what happened here. How did I manage to post two comments?

2:12 pm, August 12, 2008 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

Ah, most observant of you - I forgot to mention that! Will update it now...

3:01 pm, August 12, 2008 
Blogger Jono McGarvey said...

War torn Scandinavia? What about South Ossetia?

5:41 pm, August 12, 2008 
Blogger Jono McGarvey said...

I might also add that the apple would appear to be already cut in the first picture. A case of "Here's one I prepared earlier?"

This must be the Canterburian's equivalent of our championed Honey and Peanut Butter Sandwich. Suitable for the same uses, and just as tricky to get exactly right. Good with a hot Milo. Particularity good while reading late in bed.

5:50 pm, August 12, 2008 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

Heheh, good call Jono.

7:35 pm, August 12, 2008 
Blogger Isabella Clinton said...

Milo! No that's yuk! Hot Chocolate is way better! Don't listen to him!

Well that just my opinion.

Isabella ;)

8:11 pm, August 12, 2008 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think my home-made semi-soft butter would save a step there and drop the price of your sandwich by a fraction of a cent..., you might like my peanut butter and treacle sandwiches. Mmmm...

9:28 am, April 29, 2009 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

you'd save about a kilo of carbon emissions as well!

11:49 am, April 29, 2009 

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