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All Blacks Dominate Wallabies

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On Saturday night at Eden Park, Auckland, the All Blacks made the Wallabies (Australia) pay a huge price for their victory last week.  Demolishing the Australians 39 points to 10, the All Blacks were strengthened having their captain Richie McCaw back from recuperation.

Number 10, Daniel Carter kicks the Aussies into tomorrow.

Went round to a friend's place and watched the replay, projected onto their wall which was cool.  The little picture-frame hook near the top of the picture was of constant interest to me, but from memory, the ball never hit it.  Mmmm, had some good Munchos which went so well with the dry gingerale.  I even got given a little Wallabies cupcake, complete with green icing, two yellow pebbles and a wallabies flag sticking out the top.  That's devotion.  Watching the Wallabies get thrashed with half the room Aussies and half Kiwis, it doesn't get much better than that.


Those Rugby Players are hard men.  My jaw drops as I see them throwing their bodies down onto the ground, or into two oncoming defence players.  Or in the middle of a ruck, getting the cleats in the back, or having a 110kg All Black sitting on your head.  You'd have to be 50% stupid and 50% brave to play a game like that.  Not my cup of tea.

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Anonymous Simeon said...

A great score.

The Nat's loved it on Saturday Night as it was the feature to their conference dinner!!

Poor old Deans isn't up to international rugby ;)

8:11 am, August 04, 2008 
Blogger Isabella Clinton said...

Andy, I can't read the comments unless I high light them. Is it because it's mucked up or is my computer mucking up?

6:07 pm, August 04, 2008 
Blogger Isabella Clinton said...

I think it is my computer, as I can read them now! Oh and btw, the kangaroo biscuits sound great

6:09 pm, August 04, 2008 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

Heheh, that's cool. Yep, computers sometimes do very strange things, and often the best thing you can do is restart them.

Have a good one :)

7:16 pm, August 04, 2008 

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