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Obama's Violently Pro-Abortion Stance

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Barrack Obama supports partial-birth abortion (the baby is delivered feet-first, and so long as the head is still inside the mother, it is ok to kill the baby). However he is blatantly denying this to the media.

My friend who has done extensive research into Obama mentioned to me that one of the very first things Obama will do if he becomes president is to make abortion in the US completely on demand. reports,

"The first thing I'd do as president is sign the Freedom of Choice Act," Obama said in his July speech to abortion advocates worried about the increase of pro-life legislation at the state level... Besides making abortion on demand a "fundamental right" throughout the United States, FOCA would effectively nullify informed consent laws, waiting periods, health safety regulations for abortion clinics, etc."

Obama is an extremely dangerous man and a hard, hard core communist.
He must be defeated.

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Blogger Sarah Jane said...

Oh my gosh. (Thank you for your kind comment on my blog, by the way!) I have been very discouraged with the candidates this election year and Obama is from my own state of IL. I cannot support anyone who would take the life of an innocent child - at least John McCain believes, as the Bible teaches, that life begins at the moment of conception. My heart cries out for all those nameless little babies who have been killed by their mothers, by doctors and staff whose OCCUPATION it is to do such things. How this world has fallen! Lord Jesus, come quickly. . .

8:56 am, August 21, 2008 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

Thanks for your comment. World Net Daily is encouraging people to not vote for either McCain or Obama. However I think it would make sense to give McCain your vote if only to defeat Obama. The friend I mentioned in the above article refers to Obama and McCain as "cancer and aids", but he still says that he'd prefer McCain to get in.

Cheers :)

11:39 am, August 21, 2008 
Blogger Rivers Daughter said...

Well we aren't voting for McCain *shudder* that man is quite liberal and really won't do any good either. I know he says he believes in life at conception but I have my doubts that such a pansy-middle-of-the-road-lets-all-get-along will really do anything about it. Or that he actually believes it and isn't just saying that to get votes.

Obama is really scary, as is his wife, but umm since they are putting Ms Clinton on the ballot I'm not sure Obama wont be dead before November.

Ron Paul gets my vote, and I'll let God deal with the rest. Perhaps He is going to allow Obama in as a judgement on this country.

3:59 am, August 25, 2008 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

It's a tough call, and I know that people put a lot of thought into their positions. But you can't have a perfect candidate. Surely from Obama's quote there, people need to realise that they should do anything (ethical/moral/legal?) that they can, to stop him getting in.

If that meant a vote for John McCain, heck, I'd step up.

I see what you're saying though. We have a similar situation in NZ with our election coming up November sometime. The opposition (the National Party) is barely discernable from the current government (the Labour Party), it seems that one is more advanced in it's social agenda for NZ than the other.


4:42 am, August 25, 2008 

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