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Use a Real Gun Next Time

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On Monday 4 August, two apparently drugged up young (Polynesian) men wearing blue bandanas over their faces ran into the dairy on the corner of Orrick Crescent and Wainoni Road in Christchurch.  One was wielding a long knife, and the store-owner Nike said that the offenders were frantic, and life-threatening.  Below is the order of events

A dairy owner who wishes only to be known as Nike said he armed himself after Indian liquor store owner Navtej Singh was murdered by robbers in South Auckland in June.  Two robbers who he described as Polynesian, aged in their early 20s or late teens charged into his store on Wainoni Road about 8.30pm on Monday.  They were wearing blue bandanas over their faces, and one carried a long knife. Nike was cleaning out his cash register when a man ran at him and slashed at the air near his throat and chest, then backed him up against a cigarette rack. Nike's wife handed him the air pistol. Nike fired the air pistol at the robbers five or six times, hitting one of them. "I definitely shot one of them in the face. "Usually in the movies they say 'give me the money' but they tried to kill us from the very start. It happened really fast. They ran in holding the knife out and started trying to chop me."

Nike said he suspected the men were on drugs as "normal people don't act like that". "We would never have used (the gun) if they weren't so threatening. "They were frantic."

Detective Constable Grant, of the New Brighton police, said Nike's actions were "certainly not good practice". Grant said they were "discussing" whether Nike's actions would have further repercussions.

Asian Anti-crime Group campaigner Peter Low said the robbers were lucky it was only an air pistol and if they came into his store he would shoot them with a real gun. "The scum gangs have got to learn and the police need to wake up. They have invaded our rights. We have to defend ourselves. It's logic, it's common sense."

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As is so often the case the emphasis is put on the victims of the assault, and we hear that the Police will be investigating (clears throat loudly) excuse me, who?  Yes, believe it or not, they are going to launch an investigation into the actions of the brave dairy owner, who defended the lives of himself and his wife.

When it is illegal for good law-abiding citizens to defend themselves, it means that the criminals often get their way.  Think back on the Virginia-Tech Massacre for a minute.  It was illegal for anyone on campus to be armed, and so when the murderer ran about the place with a gun, killing 33 people, there was no one able to stop him.

Bob McCoskrie of Family First responded to the incident,

"The safety of families should be paramount. If families are resorting to vigilante type actions, it begs the question – why aren’t we doing more to protect them?"

Use a real gun next time mate.

Hat-tip, NZ Conservative

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