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Clark Involved in Mountaineering Accident

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"The Prime Minister and her husband have been involved in a mountaineering incident." - 3 News

"The deceased man is Gott-lieb Braun-Elwert, a well known mountaineer in the Southern Alps area. He was with Clark, who has been tramping in the area since Wednesday. It's thought he died of a heart attack." - TV One

"Clark herself took part in resuscitation efforts it seems. Good on her." - Kiwiblog

"Reports have it that Clark herself tried to resucitate the victim. ********! If she tried to resusitate me I’d want to die." - Whaleoil

Gottlieb was a former nuclear physicist, and a qualified mountain and ski guide, with 46 years of mountaineering and 36 years of professional guiding experience.-

I am very sad to hear of Gottlieb's death, however I find it strange that Helen Clark should attempt to resuscitate this man - and yet have no problem with the fact that 50 young New Zealanders died from abortion today.

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