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Swing in the Polls

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I got emailed this by an ACT supporter, who at this stage doesn't want to be named...

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Funny, but sadly its true.

6:49 pm, August 04, 2008 
Anonymous Simeon said...

whats the idea of attacking National's policy?

Whats wrong with this,

National's blueprint for change

1. An ongoing programme of tax cuts. We will build on the tax cuts in October, with a second and third tranche of cuts on 1 April 2009 and 1 April 2010. This programme will not require the Crown to borrow in order to be funded.

2. Bring discipline to Government spending. We know that the price of extravagant public spending is devastatingly high interest rates, so we will spend taxpayers' money more carefully.

3. Rein in excessive growth in the public service and focus on frontline services. We will re-balance public spending priorities so that critical services like schools and hospitals get a fairer share.

4. Launch an attack on gangs and the P trade they support. National will also get serious about youth crime by funding Fresh Start programmes using, for example, army facilities to turn around the lives of youth offenders.

5. Introduce a bill to reform the Resource Management Act within the first 100 days of our first term. We are determined to remove the handbrake the RMA places on growth.

6. Invite the private sector back to the table. National will work with private enterprises, entrepreneurs, and non-government organisations to rebuild the ladder of opportunity for every single New Zealander.

7. Raise education standards. We will set national standards in literacy and numeracy for all primary school pupils, require schools to test pupils against these standards, and require teachers to tell parents about the results - in plain English.

8. Grow the amount of superannuation paid to senior citizens each week. National will retain all superannuation entitlements and eligibility rules that our senior citizens currently enjoy, and increase super as we cut taxes and grow after-tax wages.

9. Repeal the Electoral Finance Act. We will reach out to all the parties in Parliament to find a genuine consensus on electoral law. We will also retain measures that provide greater transparency in political donations.

10. Hold a binding referendum on MMP by no later than 2011.

Why don't you attack labour and there "more of the same" policy?

5:27 pm, August 06, 2008 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

Hi Simeon, cheers for your comment. I have no time for National, I believe that John Key is not to be trusted. He wants the referendum on the Anti-Smacking law to be held, but... he has said he will not listen to it (arrogance). He has said he will repeal the EFA... I just wish I could trust him. Click here for some comment on National's promise of a referendum on MMP.

5:41 pm, August 06, 2008 
Blogger Simeon said...

Andy thanks for that comment. But please let me just point out that Act rely's on National for there seats in parliament.

The Act party shouldn't take there being there for granted.

9:01 pm, August 06, 2008 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

What do you mean "ACT relies on National for their seats in Parliament?". ACT is happy to look into forming a coalition with either Labour or National.

9:45 pm, August 06, 2008 

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