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Yawn, it's almost 2am and I have a 9am lecture... I've been working on some JavaScript and have come up with the blog sidebar Abortion Countdown for all you cool pro-life girls and boys out there :)



Blogger Isabella Clinton said...

Did you actually make this?

8:20 pm, August 07, 2008 
Blogger Isabella said...

I've also put it on one of my blogs

8:46 pm, August 07, 2008 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

Hi Isabella, yes I made it. Didn't see it on your blog... have you got a link to the blog it's on, I'd be keen to see how it looks. (It may need a few tweaks and adjustments to get it looking right on all blogs).

Thanks! I want to spread the word. Also, if you're keen, check out this link:

Wear a T-shirt: Save a Life

I hope to make another order again shortly.


12:52 am, August 08, 2008 
Blogger Isabella Clinton said...

Did you look on watajoke, because if you did you wouldn't have seen it! It's on a new one called white wishes it doesn't have anyting on it yet, as it has just been made.(and isn't quite finished yet)

5:49 pm, August 08, 2008 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

Ah I see. Well, let us know when you have it up and running...

10:17 pm, August 08, 2008 
Blogger Isabella Clinton said...

Possibly tomorrow... not sure. the other Isabella and I will be seeing each other tomorrow. Did you know there was two of us?(I think you may of).
Simone. ;)

5:22 pm, August 09, 2008 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

The plot thickens...

5:49 pm, August 09, 2008 
Blogger Isabella said...

It sure does! Though Jono has suggested that we have different, shortened names derived from Isabella. So if that pulls of you'll now who's being annoying!(mostly me!)
Isabella ;)

6:02 pm, August 10, 2008 
Blogger Isabella Clinton said...

Also the other blog is working now!

8:13 pm, August 12, 2008 

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