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Abortion Supervisory Committee's Stance Predictable

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News that the Abortion Supervisory Committee is not complying with the High Court's judgment comes as no surprise.

"The Abortion Supervisory Committee is blatantly ignoring a High Court judgment that put the Committee on notice for failing to fulfil its statutory duties." - Press Release, Right to Life NZ

When we recall that the Abortion Supervisory Committee members itself are strong believers in abortion.

"The ease with which women can obtain an abortion in New Zealand can be compared to the ease of a mass murderer (eg. an Al Qaeda terrorist) crossing a US border control with only one out of 100 border control operators awake on the job at their individual check points. In fact its easier because all three of the Abortion Supervisory Committee members, who have a statutory duty to oversee 'the border control' (ensure that certifying consultants are complying with the law etc.) are strongly in favour, like Fitzpatrick, of making the mas murder of babies more accessible. One is even a practising baby killer (abortionist) - herself." - Press Release, Society For Promotion of Community Standards

Huh.  A practicing abortionist on the Abortion Supervisory Committee.  That's not right.  What I'd like to see, is the unborn babies represented in the committee.

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