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You Didn't Tell Me You Were Married

5 comments | 5:47 pm | top | sister Lydia said reproachfully as she handed me the envelope.



Blogger Lydz said...


8:15 pm, August 24, 2008 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What the???? who was it from???


10:57 pm, August 24, 2008 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

Heheh, just one of my political contacts.

12:23 am, August 25, 2008 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and what was in the package?? ;)

4:59 pm, August 25, 2008 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

I'm not at liberty to disclose that information at this present place and time...

6:43 pm, August 25, 2008 

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