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The Labour Party and the Green Party are pushing for a ban on conventional light-bulbs, in favour of the "power-saving", safety light-bulbs. There have been many reports of these fluroescent eco-bulbs blowing up...

"My mother has had 3 of these light-bulbs explode in her house."
"3 of our eco-bulbs simply died within a matter of months"
"these bulbs dangerous, they are very fragile and i have had a couple break in my hand, while changeing them"
- from the comments on this article at Stuff

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Blogger Rivers Daughter said...

Ha, this happens all the time to us, had two explode in the living room just last week and one committed suicide a few days before that in our storage room. Creepy. These things are expensive,and you aren't supposed to turn them on and off really fast.

If it breaks and gets on carpet, clothes ext. you are supposed to CUT that piece of carpet out, put it in a bio bag and take it to a Hazmat center! No throwing this into the land fill. Also you are supposed to open the windows/doors and leave the building/room for (I think) fifteen minutes to let the mercury settle. I’m not sure why these are better for the environment....

5:45 am, September 11, 2008 

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