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ACT Number 5 Announced

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Scooping the story of the announcement of ACT's mysterious number five on the list, I have just got word in thatt he is Auckland Lawyer David Garrett, also a member of the Sensible Sentencing Trust.  This is a good move by the ACT Party.  With "law and order" campaigner Aaron Keown running in Christchurch Central, the addition of this "hard-line on crime" list member with such a high chance of getting into Parliament is another boxed ticked for a large number of Kiwis.  Below is a short excerpt from David's speech to the meeting,

"Our forebears didn't fight and die so that we would be too afraid to walk freely on our streets and in our communities.  They fought and died so that their children - your children and my children - could be safe.  If that's what you want too, then Party vote ACT because ACT is the only Party that will continue the fight to keep Kiwis safe." -

Update (22 September, 1:30am): David Garrett advocates non-association laws as opposed to banning gangs in The Herald, 17 September 2008



Blogger Rick said...

Just what we don't need in a pro-freedom party.

Shouldn't be surprised. I am sad though.

9:45 am, September 23, 2008 

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