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Getting Smart with the Law

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"Suddenly, a couple of coppers approached him, "Now then sir, just what in the heck do you think Your doing?", "well" replied Kitiki "what do ya think it looks like?", "ALL RIGHT!" the cops shouted "we'll have none of your cheek" "Too right you wont" answered Kitiki "its mine, and I would'nt look so hot if it was took, aye?". Now by this time the policemen were getting prtetty fired up..."now you look 'ere you jis put your hands up, or else we"ll hafta use "un-reasonable force, d'hear". "Ohh look" said Kitiki "would ya push off, its my flippin job...anyway do'nt ya have a "car" to attend to?"..." - Nathan's blog

Crying with laughter inside... I'm looking forward to part 2!

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