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Australia: Murder to be Mandatory

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I have just read the Abortion Law Reform Bill 2008 currently before the Parliament of Victoria, Australia. In simple language, it succinctly outlines its brutal purpose. Pictured on the right is the unfortunate face of the Minister for Early Childhood Development, Maxine Morand MP. The Victoria Government has given her the duty of "ensur[ing] that all Victorian children have the opportunity to get the very best possible start in life." - source. It seems impossible then that Morand could have tabled the bill calling for abortion on demand in her state. Below are the two most attrocious aims of the bill, with comments from Right to Life Australia in italics.

Section 5: Termination of pregnancy by registered medical practitioner after 24 weeks
(1) A registered medical practitioner may perform an abortion on a woman who is more than 24 weeks pregnant only if the medical practitioner—
(a) reasonably believes that the abortion is appropriate in all the circumstances; and
(b) has consulted at least one other registered medical practitioner who also reasonably believes that the abortion is appropriate in all the circumstances.
(2) In considering whether the abortion is appropriate in all the circumstances, a registered medical practitioner must have regard to—
(a) all relevant medical circumstances; and
(b) the woman's current and future physical, psychological and social circumstances.

Section 5 of the Bill allows abortion after 24 weeks up until birth if two doctors believe the “abortion is appropriate in all the circumstances.” The appropriateness of the abortion will be judged on “the woman's current and future physical, psychological and social circumstances”. This, in effect, represents abortion on demand up to birth. We know that doctors are already willing to perform these late term abortions for psychological and social reasons, and women seeking an abortion will have no trouble finding two such doctors.

Section 8(3)&(4): Despite any conscientious objection to abortion, a registered medical practitioner [or a registered nurse] is under a duty to perform an abortion in an emergency where the abortion is necessary to preserve the life of the pregnant woman.

Section 8 of the Bill requires pro-life doctors to refer women to pro-abortion doctors if they themselves conscientiously object to abortion. This section does not provide for conscientious objection at all because it mandates that all doctors participate in the abortion process. Section 8 also mandates that pro-life doctors and nurses must participate in abortions if there is an ‘emergency threatening the life of the woman’. How will that be defined? On current interpretations this section could be read as a broad obligation to perform abortions.

This is a terrible downwards step for Australia to be taking. In passing this bill into law, they join ranks with the few other countries who allow abortion up till birth. Under their new law, it will be legal to end the life of a little baby just minutes before it would have been naturally born. This is due to the fact that the bill does not specify at what number of weeks abortion may not take place - or, may only take place if the mother's life is at "serious risk".


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Blogger Felicity said...

Sick is the right word!

1:11 am, September 12, 2008 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

that is disgusting. if a woman is willing to abort at that late stage then she could quite easily give her baby up for adoption to the thousands of people who are unable to have kids or cant afford ivf etc. people should be ashamed. kayleigh

7:45 am, September 16, 2008 
Anonymous Tracy ( said...

omg i cant believe that at all. Its simply barbaric. theres no way of dressing it up, its SICK.

what makes it ok to murder a baby minutes before natural birth yet after natural birth its then classed as wrong?? whats the sense in that?? its still MURDER!

I myself am a mother of 4 children, and a single mother at that may i add, and my children make me so happy its unbelieveable, my world would be a duller place without them, and im sure that if i can manage with 4, and continue to work etc, other women who find themselves pregnant should give their unborn baby a chance, then if they still dont want it, give it away to someone who does!

surely in time a woman would regret doing this to her baby more than she would regret keeping it? have the Australians in power gone mad? have they actually considered the mental scars this would leave a woman with? Its easier to give a baby away after its born than it is to replace one thats gone. im thinking that people who pass this need certifying, & putting on an at risk register, and classed as dangerous to children!

9:32 pm, September 16, 2008 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

Hi Tracy. Excellent comment, thanks for that. I agree, the people in power who pass such laws are the worst threat to children of all.

Have you watched the movie Juno? I really need to write a review of it - it has some negative elements, but these are far outweighed by the brilliant, hopeful message of adoption!

10:30 pm, September 16, 2008 
Anonymous Tracy Heaton said...

havent yet watched it, but its on demand on the tv at the weekend, me & the girls plan to watch it. i will let you know what i think of it aswell :)

8:59 am, September 17, 2008 
Anonymous Sophie ( said...

Are the Australians off their rocker or what? I can not see how people can rid of a child at any stage even at early stages, but i suppose i can understand why people do it when they FIND OUT they are pregnant! If they do not want the child, then they should do something about it in early stages. Dont get me wrong, i am totally against abortion, i would NEVER consider having one, niether in years to come would i encourage my child to have one done! It isnt natural, there fore, we should not interferre with nature! I have wintessed for myself what it does to someone to loose a child hours before she was born. This was over 4 years ago, and the person is still grieving like it happened yesterday! So how on earth can someone determine a babies fate this late into the pregnancy. Its purely wrong, people should not even consider an abortion after 18 weeks let alone hours before the baby is born!!

The mother may not want a child, but there are other options for example people out there who cant have children, they look into adoption, the mother can put the child up for adoption, that way the child still gets a chance to live.

A mother who does this is just selfish! She does not care what pain the baby is suffering, niether does she care about the people who cant have a child!

enough said, otherwise i will go on forever. i hope the australians realise this is wrong is TOO MANY different ways !!!!!!

Sophie x

9:16 am, September 17, 2008 
Anonymous mandy said...

i hate to think that someone can abort a baby at 36 weeks onwards it makes me feel sick to my stomach especialy when one of my children was born at 35 weeks she weighed 5 lb and was perfect all babies should be given a chance to survive instead of snatching life away from them before him/her is born.i felt sick after reading this report it isnt abortion it is murder.please help to stop the murder of inocent babies that are not quite ready to be born .my daughter is a health 11 year old now and so many other babies can reach this age and beyond if these kind of abortions are abolished.

10:07 am, September 17, 2008 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

Hi, thanks for your comments.
Check out the story of Baby Dana Lu Blessing who was born extremely premature at 24 weeks, and survived - it is an amazing story :)

12:53 pm, September 17, 2008 

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