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Australia: "Abortion up til Birth" to be Introduced

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This is so seriously disgusting that I can't even pull myself together and write something about it. (And I'm supposed to be studying for a test. Though somehow, passing or failing this test isn't even on the same scale with this monstrosity of a human-rights breach likely to be implemented in Australia very soon...)For now I will just copy below, and excerpt from the Constant Joy blog. Head over there to read the rest of the article.

brrrr....this is so wrong! According to the proposed law change, abortions will be legalized at all stages of development in Victoria, Australia....

On 9 September, 2008 the Legislative Assembly of Victoria, Australia will consider a bill to decriminalize abortion in that state. What is being proposed is nothing short of horrific and there are lessons here for Christians and governments in all democratic nations.
Under a model recommended by Victorian Law Reform Commission the government is proposing the following:
  • For pregnancies less than 24 weeks, a woman would be allowed to have an abortion done by a medical practitioner for any reason.
  • For pregnancies of more than 24 weeks gestation (in other words, right up until the time of birth) abortion would be lawful if a doctor determined that it was necessary to prevent risk of harm to the woman if the pregnancy continued. As has been shown in other countries the ‘risk’ or harm may include factors that merely impinge upon a woman’s social life. ~ Creation on the Web
How can a 'social life' be more important than someone's life? What's happened to human rights? Just because a foetus lives in the womb doesn't mean the child is any less human. The unborn baby's heart starts beating on the 21st day after conception, and can survive outside the womb after 20 weeks (which is getting earlier as technology increases). Is being pregnant really the end of the world?

Read the rest of the article here

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

i don't agree with late abortions, however i am pro choice. should a woman find out she is pregnant and not want to keep the baby, that is her choice. she may be an unfit mother, she may have drug addictions and in these cases the child is probibly better off just not being born. women who have late abortions are the ones who shouldn't do it. you knew you were pregnant 3 months ago so why didn't you do it then? why wait until the baby is almost fully grown? unless there are health resons why the abortion is being performed late abortions should be illegal. women who seek late abortions should be educated about adoption.

11:43 pm, February 01, 2010 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

why don't you agree with late abortions?

1:41 am, February 02, 2010 

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