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To Heck with Tasers

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...arm all New Zealand policemen with guns.

46-year-old Sergeant Don Wilkinson and his 44-year-old colleague ran for their lives down the road being chased by two men. What has New Zealand come to, when the symbol of justice; the police-force is chased down the road, helpless and un-armed. As they ran, they radioed for assistance. Sadly, they were too late, and the men caught up with them and trapped them. Don was shot in the heart and died instantly. His fellow police-officer was assaulted and received multiple gun-shot-wounds. He is currently in Middlemore Hospital recieving surgery.

Click here for the Herald's coverage of this tragic story.

Murdered: unarmed Police Sergeant, Don Wilkinson

What are they going to tell Don's family? "Sorry kids... your dad worked hard to defend innocent people and apprehend and arrest criminals. He died because (embarassed cough)... well, he should have been wearing his bullet-proof vest..." And what is going to happen to the two men that have been arrested and charged with the murder of Don and the assault (attempted murder) of his colleague?

For even daring to shoot at a police officer, they should receive a life sentence of hard labour. For killing a police officer, they should be hung.

But what will happen? A typically soft sentence will be handed down - a slap over the wrist with a wet bus-ticket for the murderer. And then let him out on bail after he's completed part of his sentence, because "prison's aren't the answer", and they're over-crowded anyway.

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Blogger Rick said...

Armed cops were nearby if needed but they weren't used because the police didn't think it was required.

These shot cops were not in uniform, they were sneeking around trying to plant a bug on suspected businessmen in a stupid thing called the Drug War.

Nobody has been convicted of anything, you're not even entertaining the circumstantial facts or the broader context, and right away you're looking for a noose.

Sharpen up Andy Moore!

7:25 am, September 12, 2008 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

What I'm saying is that there shouldn't be any restriction on policemen as to whether they can take guns with them or not. They should choose their kit - up to a point.

Ok, the cops were in mufti, that does change things a little, but it is still murder.

12:07 pm, September 12, 2008 

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