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Those Green Wavy Lines

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Hands up if you hate those wavy green lines under your writing when you are unfortunate enough to be using Microsoft Word.

I wrote this sentence: "The word cheap is really only used in this context to refer to the value placed on a human life by others – usually those higher up the social ladder." and Microsoft Word promptly suggested that I change it to: "Others – usually those, really only used in this context to refer to the value place the word cheap on a human life higher up the social ladder."

Honestly, why do they even bother?  I don't know what complicated algorithms they have churning away behind the scenes, decreasing your system performance, but whatever they are, my experience has been that they never work.

I find their spell-check to be usually of a pretty high calibre - but then again, there's nothing wrong with the spell-check in Open Office - and at least they don't hit you with bizzare suggestions to "improve" your sentence structure.


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