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Baby dumping 'sign of the times'

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(parody, click here for the original article on

PICK ME: These five babies were saved from drowning after being stuffed inside a sack and dumped at Riverton Rocks yesterday.

The attempted drowning of five babies that were stuffed inside a sack and dumped at Riverton Rocks is a sign of the times, Adoption Option chairperson says.
Adoption Option chairperson, Sue Kingham said a woman heard the babies crying inside the sack about midday yesterday and rescued them before the tide could take the sack away.
Though disgusted with the perpetrator's actions, she said it was a sign of the times.
"With the price of petrol and power, people just haven't got the money to afford to feed these babies, but that's no excuse. If they don't want to raise children they should not get pregnant."
She said the five babies, which were about six months old, were being cared for by a local family and would be looked after and checked by a doctor before being put up for adoption in several weeks.
There were about 25 babies at the Invercargill orphanage, but not enough families for them to go to, she said.

(parody, click here for the original article on

Brendand Malone commented on the original article,

"And the same day that a major NZ news outlet was reporting about the attempted drowning of seven puppies, more than 50 New Zealand babies were killed in abortion clinics around the country. Can I be so bold as to suggest that the fact that these 50 deaths didn’t even rate a mention says a lot more about New Zealand’s real problems than seven puppies in a sack does?" - Semper Vita

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Blogger Rivers Daughter said...

Sad times, sad times, high gas prices, no money to feed dogs, oh dear....ummm...well I guess the loving thing would have been for that lady to let the tide take them. They have no hope for a home anyway.

3:32 am, September 04, 2008 
Blogger ZenTiger said...

You almost had me...a case of puppy love.

Why didn't they just take them to an animal shelter?

6:05 pm, September 04, 2008 

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