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Abortion: No Parental Consent Required

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Sit down before you read this.

"A spokesman for Justice Minister Annette King confirmed that a child of any age could get an abortion without parental consent, and that legislation had not changed since 1978." - Stuff, 8 September

This is beyond ridiculous. In a country where the Government bans television advertising of high-sugar/fatty foods during periods where high numbers of children are watching TV, those same children are permitted (even encouraged, by the friendly counsellors at your local state school), to have an abortion. Without even the decency to tell the girl's parents.

The article also says,

"The issue was highlighted this week by a Nelson mother who is calling for a review of abortion laws after her 15-year-old daughter was booked in for an abortion without her mother's knowledge.
The student -- whom the Nelson Mail has agreed not to identify -- had the operation on Wednesday but her mother said she only found out about the planned procedure when it came up during an argument on Monday.
But a school counsellor had known about it and, although unable to tell the mother due to privacy concerns, did not do enough to encourage the girl to inform her parents, the mother said.
Her daughter had told her it was common for students to get abortions without their parents' knowledge, and they were often helped by school counsellors." - Stuff, 8 September

Sick. To think that these agents of the state would take advantage of young girls (no matter how young they are), and "counsel" them in favour of having abortion. Almost worse, is that New Zealand's law apparently permits them to do this behind the back of mum and dad, blissfully unaware of the state-interference in their daughter's body. Dad mowing the lawn and mum hanging out the washing while their thirteen-year-old daughter is down at the local abortion-mill having a living baby killed inside her.

If you were still looking for a good reason not to send your children to a state school, stop looking. This is happening down the road, behind the fences of your local state institution.

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