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Shouldn't Really Be Using the Key

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Dad and I jumped in the Hyundai. A spin down the road to Pak'n Save. Driving past the park, he suddenly slammed on the brakes and reversed back up the road. There was the hubcap, lying against the gutter: abandoned. "It looks a bit like the other ones..." Dad's voice trailed off as I jumped out of the passenger seat onto the grass verge. Could it be? Our recently purchased Hyundai was missing a hubcap, and this little unit looked... "It's flippin the same one!", I picked up the hubcap and gave it the once over. It was a little bit had it on the edge there, but apart from that, it was all good! Dad lent against the lampost, his knees weak in disbelief.

I had a shot at fitting the hubcap, and blow me down if it wasn't a perfect fit... made for it. 14", an exact replica of the other three. "The tyre's not coming out is it?" Dad pulled out a key and we prised the hubcap off again. I was not surprised to observe that tyre was not in fact, bursting out of the rim or anything. We clipped the rim back on again. "It's the same one... it must be.", Dad just stared at the road in front of him, momentarily struck speechless. As we pulled through the roundabout he brough one hand to his forehead and shrugging his shoulders helplessly, "We're going to Pak'n Save, but I was also going to check out the Wreckers for a hubcap...".

A bit past the roundabout now, "It might fall off...". Dad eased up on the gas, "Do you think?". The car eased towards the shoulder of the road. "Yeah, I think you should put one of those tie-things on it when we get home". I jumped out of the car again and pulled the hub-cap off again. Only, I didn't. I tried blimmin hard, gave my fingers a bit of a hammering trying to prise the thing off the wheel. Dad switched off the car, came around to the side and made use of the key again. "Probably shouldn't really be using the key...".

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