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Whaleoil Abandons National, Supporting ACT

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I hardly know what to say. Cam Slater (aka Whaleoil) a long-time National-supporter and son of the former president of the National Party, has today announced that he will be supporting the ACT party in their election campaign. Whaleoil was furious with National when they when they pulled the political stunt of turning 180 degrees and voting for Labour's Anti-Smacking Bill. But this latest let-down has proven to be the straw that broke the camel's back for the opinionated ex-National Supporter. This from his blog earlier today...

" source told me the National Party didn’t care about this. Apparently, the National Party VOTED WITH LABOUR, against the Maori, ACT and Green parties, to push through the legislation tonight. If National had voted with the Maori, ACT and Green parties, the legislation would have failed.

Surely this is not true. If it is, then **** them. It would mean National was even worse than Labour and that we should all vote ACT. Right now, I still plan to vote for my local National candidate but I am not voting for a party that supports the ongoing taxation of people based on dodgy un-proven science and the support of a corrupt, morally bankrupt party lead by a proven liar.

Party Vote ACT!"

Good on Cam for finally seeing the light. National are just a shade better than Labour, but their arrogance in thinking and acting as if they deserve to win the election in 2008 makes them even worse.

Peter McCafferey wrote over at the ACT on Campus blog,

"At around 7:10pm - just after parliament had gone back from the dinner break - I was hanging around the office, with the parliament video stream playing in the background, when I heard Te Ururoa Flavell take a point of order to seek leave to send the ETS back to select committee. Surely just a little grandstanding, no? It would never actually get the support of the house...

But then I heard perhaps one of the craziest things i've heard in the last three years of parliament.

New Zealand Labour, 49 votes against, New Zealand National, 48 votes against, New Zealand First, 7 votes against, Greens, 6 votes in favour, Maori Party, 4 votes in favour, United Future, 2 votes in favour, ACT, 2 votes in favour, Progressives, 1 vote against." - ACT on Campus

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Blogger Rick said...

Wow. Our pragmatic aquatic friend has limits to "winning winning winning" after all!

8:38 am, September 11, 2008 
Anonymous Simeon said...

National voted against this law

They may have voted for some of the amendments which the Greens disagreed with.

6:45 pm, September 11, 2008 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well done. What you have done has demonstrated an open mind. A very healthy attribute. Heaven only knows what it would take for some die-hard, blue rinse types to become alarmed. I have long suspected that a lot of National Party types would not recognise, understand or even comprehend the Party's core "Tenets".
Little surprise that policy shockers/action often fail to measure up to the traditional templates.
Well done, you have made a move for principle, freedom and common sense. Don't let the bxxxxxxx take anyone for granted.

12:47 pm, May 25, 2010 

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