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Higher Education

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Just after 7am and I was walking from Uni down the road a kilometre or so to the bakery where I used to work to score some brekkie. Just next to the bus-stop I saw a smashed windscreen and some bits and pieces of broken car on the shoulder of the road right in the driveway entrance to Uni Halls of Residence.

Coming around the corner I spotted the vehicle that was missing it's windscreen - and all the rest of it's windows.

As I stood by the car taking photos, a bus approached, slowed down and opened it's doors. "Are you ok?" came the voice of the lady bus-driver as she drove past. All I could do was laugh convulsively and yell back "it's not mine!".

If the young fools have to destroy a car, why can't they go and do it in their back yard, instead of leaving it out on the street?

Yeah... come to University for a higher education, where you can be truly inspired to new heights, and mix with other academically minded young people such as yourselves. And you can get drunk every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night and get up to mischief with "the lads".

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