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Timeless Cinematic Moments 9

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"The frost. Sometimes it makes the blade stick."
(at 40:12)

General Maximus Decimidius Meridius, Commander of the Armies of the North, played by Kiwi actor Russell Crowe, is about to be executed on the order Commodus (acted so well by Joaquin Phoenix) the new, self-appointed Emporer of Rome. This is just one of many memorable scenes from Ridley Scott's masterful film, Gladiator (2000), which won no less than 5 Academy Awards. Also starring in this benchmark war movie is veteran actor Oliver Reed, who died in 1999 aged 62, during the filming of the movie. It cost the company $3 million to recreate his face so he could "appear" in the scenes he still had left to shoot. Shot on an estimated $103m budget, the film has so far earned almost half a billion dollars Worldwide.

The soundtrack for this film, composed by Hans Zimmer takes it's place among the most prestigious compositions ever to grace the ears of its hearers.

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