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Harpoon the Dolphins

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After picking up a copy of the First Year Accounting Textbook from another student who had done the paper last semester, I turned around to head back up the stairs into the library, and lo and behold, in this most socialist heaven, was a few copies of the SAMIZDAT magazine sitting on a little table.

"Hah, Rick's been here"

I had a flick through, and it's the usual stuff, an alternative budget from the Libz, happy birthday to Ayn Rand's book "Atlas Shrugged", a bit of classic National-slamming, and of course, we can't let the Muslims off either, can we?  Anyway, one article which caught my eye, I thought I would share with you - checked out the Sense of Life Objectivists website, and sure enough they had a copy of the article...

"When Fisher & Paykel moved their manufacturing base offshore to source cheaper labour and production costs, ‘Foul!’ was the cry. The eeevil capitalists’ move was going to cost a significant number of people their jobs. This was terrible; how dare they? To be fair, I was disappointed with the move too—I’d much rather a productive business remained in New Zealand. But here’s the rub:

It’s not my company.
It’s not my money.
They’re a whiteware business, not a job factory.

To remain in business, they need profit; to remain profitable they need to lower production costs. Sue Bradford did not understand the move and claimed F&P were making “good money” and were betraying NZ workers. Well “good money” isn’t what keeps a company competitive and in business. The min/max game of production costs and profit is what keeps a company competitive and in business. Thailand is more conducive to lower production costs than New Zealand. We lose—too bad, so sad, moving on ...

Isn’t it funny though, with the announcement of the misguided protection measures for Hector and Maui dolphins, measures that do far more harm to fisheries than bestow benefits on dolphins, the Greens no longer give a flying fish about them poor workers: the estimated 300-odd who are going to lose their jobs, not just in fishing, but onshore processing, the supply industry and wider economy. In fact not only do the Greens not give a flying fish, they don’t think the measures go far enough. Despite Jim Banderton’s restrictions offering up human sacrifices to protect the lives of dolphins (which the restrictions actually have no impact on), the Greens would rather further measures were taken, measures that would see greater human sacrifices. (And all this at a time of rocketing food prices!) Damn the workers, the fishermen, and the wider industry—it’s the dolphins we must save!

Bollocks! If it comes down to even one human going hungry vs a dolphin dying, I say: “Save The Humans, Harpoon The Dolphins.”

By Lance Davey, May 30, 2008

Good, good.

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Blogger Rick said...

Yeah, Samizdat. A rude shock of sense yelled at the curious should bring them 'round to sense and reason!? And sometimes it's mad rubbish too, but on balance still worth distributing.

BTW, if you want, you can get copies sent to you as I do. Become a distributor- talk to Mitch.

7:28 am, July 28, 2008 

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