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The Link Between Abortion and Child Abuse

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Jeffrey Jones over at the blog has been doing some research into the link between legalised abortion and child abuse.

"I've been doing some research lately on the relationship between abortion and child abuse. Some believe, in theory, that legalized abortion should have had the effect of reducing child abuse. The theory goes: "unwanted" children are normally the objects of abuse; if we reduce the number of unwanted children by making abortion available, child abuse will decrease. The data, however, very plainly shows that child abuse has not decreased but increased since abortion was legalized. From 1980 to 1993, the child maltreatment estimates rose 149%, from 625,100 cases to 1,553,800. Since 1993, that number has dropped, leveled off, and remained around 900,000 for the last 10 years. (Go to to view the statistics yourself). How legalized abortion relates to these numbers is hard to say. Researchers are all over the map on how to analyze the data, since a great number of variables can explain increases and decreases in child abuse rates.

At any rate, as I was doing my research, I came across an article published in 1979 in the Canadian Journal of Psychiatry called "Relationship Between Abortion and Child Abuse," by Dr. Philip Ney. He argued that not only has legalized abortion not reduced child abuse but potentially may do the opposite."

Click here to read the rest of his article, including the 8 points which he outlines, that indicate a link between abortion and child abuse.

Of course, we both acknowledge that abortion is infact, currently the most prevalent form of child abuse in our society.


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