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Hardy Boys

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I collected most of the Hardy Boys books, an impressive line-up of the work of Franklin W. Dixon.  After obtaining almost all the titles, I found out that there was no such person as Franklin W. Dixon, and that it was a pool of authors who had written the series.  It was also about this time that I began to get right into collecting Captain W. E. Johns' Biggles series.  Coupled with these two factors, and my growing distaste for some of the latest Casefiles titles that had begun to be published, I became thoroughly dissilusioned with the the stories of the two Hardy brothers, Frank and Joe.  I sold off almost the entire collection at about 50c to $1 per book.  And it wasn't until a couple of years ago that I began to wish I hadn't been so quick to disolve the collection.  Anyway, I do have a few books left, including a nice old copy of  The Secret of the Old Mill, and  The Twisted Claw.  I took a photo of the Twisted Claw, because it's such an interesting, destroyed book.  It is also very old, published in 1939, number 18 in the series.  I've also included photos of the inside flaps, as the writing is so old-fashioned...  "They can drive a car and pilot a speedboat" Chuckle...

So well dressed, and not a hair out of place

I reccomend these books to all young boys (say, 9 - 14yrs).  They are inestimably more worthwhile than the postmodern, politically correct, sexually perverted children's books that they are churning out these days.  With 301 books in the series, I wouldn't reccomend attempting to collect or read them all.  Some of the books in the Casefiles series are ok, but I did find some of them pretty racey and far more sinister, to say the least.

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Blogger Liz Brown said...

... "Hey Frank, we better beat it before those thugs get wise to us," Joe quipped ...

:) We have a lot of the 50's-60's Hardy Boys books. I get a huge kick out of reading their short, cool-50's-slang dialogues :) "They can drive a car and pilot a speedboat" ... and everything else, from bronc riding to deep-sea salvaging. I love it!

4:58 am, July 31, 2008 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

That quote is spot on Liz, sums up the two young detectives very well.

How about this...

"As the chums moved toward the large stone Hardy residence on the next corner, Chet took his leave. The fat lad's home was at the opposite end of the town from Bayport..."

10:13 am, July 31, 2008 

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