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Regular Bible Reading Essential for Christians

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My mate Andrew got interviewed by The Press yesterday, for an article they were writing about a study just out that indicates that shows 46 per cent of Kiwis identify as Christian, but just 5% of people read the Bible daily and only 6% weekly.

"Andrew Sinclair, 24, of Christchurch, reads the Bible "almost daily". Sinclair, who is a ministry trainee at St John's Anglican Church in Latimer Square, said it was essential for Christians to read the Bible regularly.
"This is God's word and this is how he speaks to us. We ought to be reading it to know more about him," he said." 

Andrew's right, you can't grow as a Christian if you're not regularly reading the Bible.

Bible Society representative, Stephen Opie said "Christian churches tended to focus more on entertainment and motivating their parishioners rather than preaching from the Bible, he said.", and he is horribly correct, this is a huge problem with churches all around the world today.

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Update, 8:55pm: picture added.

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