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Sign of the Kiwi

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Cycled up to Sign of the Kiwi today. Took 35 minutes from the round-about at the bottom of Dyer's Pass, the end of Colombo St. Quite an improvement on my first shot at this hill. Passed quite a few cyclists on their way down, as well as one die-hard, older man who was making his way up the pass on his mountain-bike. I took a few photos on the way up...

At the top, I decided to get a photo of the bike. A couple came up behind me and the man offered to take my photo as well, which you see below. I handed him my phone and he said "how do you know that I won't run off with it?" I turned to him and said "you look like a pretty decent sort of bloke. You wouldn't do that." His wife gave a kind of sarcastic laugh... still, my trust was well-placed and he gave me my phone back after he'd taken the shot.

Now... next time, I need to drag John, Jono and Chris up with me!

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Blogger Isabella Clinton said...

Nice pictures!

7:52 pm, July 20, 2008 
Blogger Lydz said...

... and me!

10:02 pm, July 21, 2008 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

yes, and you Lyd. But you probably all need some training before we go.

10:03 pm, July 21, 2008 

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