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Abortion Shellshock

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Thousands upon thousands of brave young men from England, Australia, New New Zealand and other Allied Countries left their lives and went to fight the tyranny in the trenches of France. They were unaware as they marched onto the ships for the trip across the ocean that there could be a whole lot more that would be worse than the possibility of actually being killed in action. No one told them about shell shock, and the horrors of the sights that they would see that would continue to haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Today, in England, Australia, New Zealand and in fact, in pretty much all of the countries around the World, there is a new, a terrifying shellshock which is leaving countless thousands of women devestated and depressed. World Net Daily reports...

Kay Painter now speaks at retreats, churches, conferences and other events about her abortion, telling a real-life no-holds-barred story of pain and guilt.

"The instant I heard my baby's helpless body hit the garbage can, I KNEW! I had just killed my own flesh and blood, an innocent life. I was panic-stricken, the nurse callously told me to 'calm down, in a few days all would be back to normal,'" she says.

"Normal? No one forewarned me of the repercussions of an abortion. It was a simple procedure of removing 'tissue,' so why the pain, the sudden emptiness? I awoke night after night to the sound of screams, they were mine!"

Click here to read the rest of the article.

Below is an excerpt from a booklet produced by the Texas Department of Health, entitled "A Woman's Right to Know"...

"You should know that women experience different emotions after an abortion. Some women may feel guilty, sad, or empty, while others may feel relief that the
procedure is over. Some women have reported serious psychological effects after their abortion, including depression, grief, anxiety, lowered self-esteem, regret, suicidal thoughts and behavior, sexual dysfunction, avoidance of emotional attachment, flashbacks, and substance abuse. These emotions may appear immediately after an abortion, or gradually over a longer period of time. These feelings may recur or be felt stronger at the time of another abortion, or a normal birth, or on the anniversary of the abortion."
- an excerpt from Page 16, A Woman's Right to Know, produced by Texas Department of Health

Which just leaves me looking up at the ceiling and screaming, why is it that there is such a prevalence of post-abortion grief and depression, if infact, there is nothing at all immoral with the procedure?.

For more information on this subject, visit which is dedicated to helping bring about the end of legal abortion by exposing the truth about its devastating impact on women, men and families.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"why is it that there is such a prevalence of post-abortion grief and depression, if infact, there is nothing at all immoral with the procedure?."

You can't just take one example and conclude something like this.

you put too much emphasis on the importance of a to-be human. Abortions do not abort humans, and there are lots of good reasons to have an abortion, rather than to put a child into a crappy family that can't afford their existence. Would a child in a family that doesn't want them, can't afford them and are too young to cope with them any less immoral?

If you still disagree, perhaps in a parallel universe somewhere, I will feel your guilt - every time I jack off.

8:34 am, July 31, 2008 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

Hi, thanks for your comment.

I'm not extrapolating on once case - there is a lot of evidence for post-abortion trauma, as well as the abortion/breast-cancer link.

And regarding your argument that abortion is better than having a child brought up by a family who doesn't love him - or who are unable to give him the care that some would say is necessary, I disagree, because murder is murder, and it is wrong - whatever emotive justification you attach to it.

10:29 am, July 31, 2008 

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