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He's Not a Good Joker

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Mike Moreu is not a good joker, I often find his cartoons to be offensive and trivialising such serious issues as child abuse, and even going so far as to gain some sense of self-importance by scribbling libelous drawings, attacking perfectly decent people.

However, Winston Peters is not a good joker either. And so despite my dislike of Moreu, today's cartoon is so apt, so timely that I have to show you it.

If you're wondering what the cartoon is about - because you're not from New Zealand, in a word, Winston Peters, leader of the NZ First party has been caught out not declaring donations (over $100,000 dollars). And the ironic thing is that it was his party which tipped the balance and enable the Electoral Finance Act to go through; that draconian piece of legislation whose main purpose is to crack down on anonymous donations, and what some have termed "the Americanisation of NZ politics". The NZ First party and the Labour party make up New Zealand's current Government, so Helen Clark is scared of denouncing Winston, as his party's support is essential for her to remain Prime Minister. However the blogs and newspapers are calling for Winston's blood.

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