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You're Not Prolife

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The vast majority of Christians when asked, will tell you that they are "prolife". They will nod their heads and agree with you about the barbarity and injustice of the abortions taking place everyday in our country. However on the whole, these people are not prolife, they merely say that they're prolife.

When the Nazis were rounding up Jews in German-occupied areas during World War II, many non-Jewish citizens knew that what was going on was evil, but they did nothing to help. Others however, risked everything and did what they could to find jobs for them, or to hide them from the soldiers. We look back with disgust at these cowardly people who knew of the injustice that was going on, and who even had the power to do even something very small about it - and yet did nothing.

In Jesus' parable of the two sons, it wasn't the son who said he would do the work who did the will of his father, but rather the son who actually did the work. Unless you're actually committed to doing something about it, you can tell me you're prolife until the cows come home, but your words are meaningless.

You don't have to stand in front of an abortion clinic with a sign to be prolife. There are many things you can do - some small, some great - to be actively prolife. One of the most important of these is to make sure that you are informed of the issues, that you know where you stand, and if questioned are able to back up your position reasonably well. You can wear pro-life t-shirts or wrist-bands, join your local pro-life group, donate, write to your MP, and talk to people around you about why this issue is so terrible, and what we can do about it - on a national, and on an individual level.

Break your stereotype!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good challenge Andy. It needed to be said - as much to me as to anyone.

10:17 am, March 11, 2009 

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