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On Technophobia

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Too often I hear people say to me that they refuse to make use of a particular piece of technology, because it will interfere with their lifestyle. They don't want a cellphone because it will mean that they are always contactable. They don't want a TV because there's nothing to watch on there, and they'll end up wasting too much time watching it. They don't want to join an online social-network such as Facebook, again citing the reason that it will waste too much of their time. They don't want to play computer games because they are convinced that they will become addicted.

Heck, people are free to do what they want - doesn't bother me if they don't want to join Facebook or get a cellphone. What intrigues and concerns me is that people are reluctant to invest in such technology because they fear "it may take over". They see such innovations as all-enveloping black-holes from which, once entered into there is no escaping. By all means choose not to make use of an inovation or invention which is widely accepted to be useful and beneficial to the improving of your quality of life - for example. But if at all possible, see if you can come up with some other reason for your choice other than that it would use too much of your time. You have the freedom to choose whether to use a thing, or not.

There's no law that says you have to keep your cellphone turned on, and within reach at all times. You can put it on silent, turn it off, or drop it in the toilet. You can set your Facebook profile to private and change some settings and only look at it when you have time - it doesn't have to control you. And heck, you can always rip the TV tuner out of your TV and just use it to play your DVDs - or not. Some people enjoy watching the 6:00 news so that they can be assured of always being up to date with the latest news, confident in the knowledge that "it's the news, they're not going to lie, are they."

Basically, if you find something useful, just go for it. If you find it annoying, switch it off or ignore it, or simply destroy it. But don't crusade round the place telling us all why you don't use it, and why you think we shouldn't use it!

Right, got that off my shoulders ;)

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Anonymous Lydie said...

feeling a bit alarmed at my de-activated facebook account, eh?

8:52 pm, March 06, 2009 

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