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2009 Research, 83% NZers say Change Smacking Law

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from the Section59 blog

Almost two years after the passing of the controversial anti-smacking law, more than 80% of NZ’ers still want the law changed and 77% say that the law won’t have any effect on our unacceptable child abuse rate.
These are the key finding of research commissioned by Family First NZ, following on from similar research in 2007 and 2008. The Curia Market Research poll surveyed 1,000 people, and also found huge confusion over the legal effect of the law.
83% said that the new law should be changed to state explicitly that parents who give their children a smack that is reasonable and for the purpose of correction are not breaking the law (85% in 2008, 82% in 2007).

Key Findings:
83% say the law should be changed – only 13% say to keep it as is
77% says the law won’t help reduce the rate of child abuse in NZ
Less than one third of respondents actually understand the law

Below are two graphs from the Press Release

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Blogger Simeon said...

Mate, great to see the support for a law change staying firm aye.

We need to do start doing a little more with the S59 blog aye !

8:40 pm, March 18, 2009 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

Agreed mate. This latest poll is cold hard evidence that the Labour/Greens MPs have been lying when they've said "people's attitudes towards smacking are changing..."

Curia is an independent polling company, and has come up with essentially the same result over 3 years of polling. Huh, strange coincidence isn't it.

I'm working on the S59 blog mate!

10:21 pm, March 18, 2009 

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