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"...Although I was scared to death, I have never regretted leaving that clinic.

When she was invisible to the world in the form of a tiny person known only to me and a handful of clinicians, she was still a person. She was still her. There are moments that grip my heart with despair knowing that I was one step away from taking her life in order to restore mine to it’s prior stability. Other moments are joy unexplained when I look back, knowing that I was one step away from extinguishing this little girl from existence…but I made the choice for her. Do I still face hardship? Yes and I still do it alone. The crisis of pregnancy I faced was minuscule compared to this beauty of life named Rachael. She’s a gift no matter how she was conceived; no matter how bad the timing; Her life is priceless..."

- an excerpt from a post at the It's a Child, Not a Choice blog. Head over there and read the rest of this lady's story. It's short, and well-written and puts a genuine perspective on an issue which is so often dealt with in terms of cold hard statistics and claims.



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