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Tommy In Trouble

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I haven't got round to blogging in the last few days, so thought I'd post something I wrote a while ago. This is a story I wrote, as a project I think, for my English class at Windermere Christian College, 1995. It was pretty special, Dad let me type it up on his work computer! Then I printed it out, drew pictures in, and made it into a book. Cooooool.

One day my dog was walking along the street with me (I'm Andrew.) That moment a cat named Jimmy walked by. Of course Tommy chased the little cat right into a dustbin. Poor Jimmy, Oh no! Jimmy was having fun nibbling at odd's and end's, then, out of the corner of his eye he spied a bit of bacon. So he started nibbling at it but when he finished his meal he got a bit scratchy. He tried to get out but he couldn't, Tommy was sitting on the lid. Poor Jimmy pushed and pushed up on the lid. Tommy falls off and onto my head. I shake him off. Tommy chases Jimmy up a tree. A twig breaks, leaves fall, Jimmy falls! Tommy jumps, another twig breaks, Tommy falls snap goes his leash! I say, time to go home Tommy! That night Tommy ate hardly anything. I thought he was tired after the big chase.

One day Tommy saw a pram. He jumped into it then the pram moved. He looked out, an old lady was pushing it. It jingled ,it went bump-bump-bumpity-bumpity-bump. Tommy fell out head-first into a lake. He swam out caught up with the old lady and Tommy gave her a hard stare. She screamed and shrieked. She ran so fast she jumped up into the air and ran out of breath. "Oh sorry, i'm so very sorry!''

One day Tommy thought Hmmmmm...
I'll go and watch cricket. He went to tell Andrew, his owner, "Can I watch cricket?"
"Oh all right" said Andrew. But do not interfere with the batter... No buts! I'll give you a red apple for the ball and a Mars Bar for the bat to remind you.
"Thanks a lot Andrew" said Tommy. I will try to remember..."

Tommy strolled down the road. He looked at a sign post, it read St lukes Street. He said to himself, I am in the wrong place! So he turned the corner. Wheeeeeeeew I’m here at last! Oops, he jumped but sadly he landed on the batters head! The batter got such a fright that the ball hit the wickets! What a surprise this was! Everybody from the other team cheered.
Meanwhile at Tommy's home Andrew was watching television. He was so mad at Tommy that he went to get him. But instead of Andrew bringing Tommy home, Tommy dragged Andrew all the way home, right into the bath tub which Dad had only just filled for himself. Poor Andrew sitting in the tub with all his clothes on!

However one exhausted but satisfied dog.
All but submerged in the tub.




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