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[Update: 13 March 09] So much for the Google Reader blog roll! I don't know what went wrong, but all the links disappeared out of the list. I played round with the settings at the Google Reader end, but to no avail. Instead I've just gone for a list that I will update manually. I think they will be higher-quality (more search engine friendly) links this way anyway.

As many of you will know, was hacked - and was subsequently down for a long time. Half a year or something. Anyway, they're finally back up and running, so this evening I went through, revising and updating my blog roll - have been waiting to get onto this for ages. What they've done though, is they've made it so that if you don't pay for the service, when someone clicks on a blog in your list, it takes them to a page with an advert at the top, and the blog you're visiting sitting in an iframe below. It's relatively inconspicous but still highly annoying. As a free service I loved it - but with the adverts and the new slow but flashy back-end interface, it's not worth bothering with...

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