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NZ Set to Ramp Up Selective Abortions

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The so-called loophole* in New Zealand's abortion law is set to be further exploited. A recent study from Otago University is calling for an increased number of babies to be scanned while in the womb, to determine if they may develop health problems later on in life. And of course, the obvious and sensible solution is to kill such unfortunate babies before they are born. Below is an excerpt from TVNZ's report,

There is a call to widen the availability of tests to screen unborn babies for potential health problems later in life...

...Each year dozens line up for pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) to help screen their unborn babies for inherited diseases. - TVNZ, 4 March 09

Brendan Malone who heads up Family Life International, NZ had this to say,

One thing that really irks me in the way that the pro-eugenic evangelists always use euphamisms to hide the true reality that they aren’t actually treating any disease, instead they are support the killing of anyone who happens to have a disease, or who MIGHT contract that disease at some point in their life.

Welcome to the brave new world of equal rights and protections for all - except those who happen to have certain genetic traits. - SemperVita

*The Contraception, Sterilisation and Abortion Act 1977, Section 37 (2) states, Nothing in subsection (1) of this section shall apply to the performance of an abortion by a medical practitioner who believes that abortion is immediately necessary to save the life of the patient or to prevent serious permanent injury to her physical or mental health. (reference). Approximately 99% of abortions in New Zealand are done on the grounds of this defence. (reference)

hat tip: SemperVita

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