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Slumdog Millionaire

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Finally watched Slumdog Millionaire tonight.  The story follows three young friends who are growing up in the slums of Mumbai.  In a unique style, the movie uses a series of flash-backs intertwined with scenes from the present (2006) to tell the story of these three young people.  This is a wonderful film; no wonder it received eight Oscars, and is currently sitting at #42 film in the World.  It is ideal as a family film, though wouldn't recommend young children watching it as there are some disturbing scenes.  "If Charles Dickens was writing in 21st century India, Slumdog Millionaire could easily have been one of his stories. It carries all the trademarks of the literary master: Urban squalor, wayward children, evil adults, chaste love, serious serendipity." says



Blogger The Editrix said...

I've got to watch this film sometime. . . I probably won't get to see it at the movies, I'll have to wait til it's out on dvd. I only caught fleeting glimpses of Mumbai's slums when I was in India a couple of years ago (we were only in Mumbai for a few hours! LOL) but my memories of India have certainly stayed with me.

5:49 pm, March 13, 2009 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

yep, this is one I'll be getting on DVD

8:24 pm, March 13, 2009 
Anonymous Lydie said...

I wanna watch this!

1:23 pm, March 15, 2009 

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