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I bought a Kutless CD Hearts of the Innocent a few months back, as I had a gift-voucher I was given over a year ago on my 21st. I didn't have high expectations for the band, but from pretty much the first play, I've been captivated by the great lyrics and the music's good too. Here's the music video of one of their best songs from the album, Shut Me Out...

And two other favourites, Smile and Hearts of the Innocent. Here's the lyrics for Hearts of the Innocent which I really love...

I’m looking down into the eyes of hopelessness
They’re crying out to me
I see the pain
It’s so much more than youth should know
It tears me apart
What can I do to change what I see
This vicious cycle must come to an end

Can’t you see
We’re crushing the hearts of the innocent
We’re teaching them to fail
And how it breaks me to see how we’re living
And punishing the ones that need us to care
To see them hurting
Feels like knuckles to the back of my head

Where have the days gone
That a promise was forever
Families stuck together
We wonder why their generation struggles to get by
There’s no one to help
What can I do to change what I see
This vicious cycle must come to an end

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