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Photobucket... wow!

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The abortion counter which I created late last year has become fairly popular. A lot of bloggers who are pro-life are putting the counter in their sidebar in an effort to reinforce in visitor's minds, the awful reality of this silent holocaust that is upon us. A few days back when I checked the stats for the server where the counter is stored, I was concerned (and encouraged, obviously) to see the high bandwidth* that was being used. Approximately 3 Gigabytes of data was being transferred per month, with most of that being for the abortion counter.

I decided I would host the images with Photobucket instead, to save bandwidth on my own server. Well that's all very well, but what bandwidth does Photobucket give you? Get this - 25GB bandwidth per month, plus the ability to store up to 1GB of pictures, and that's just on the free account!

The counter has already been translated into six languages, with more on the way. I'd love to have the problem of getting close to the 25GB/month cap, in which case it will be a simple matter of uploading the same images to a new account, and providing a new piece of code for the counter, pointing to the new images.

*Bandwidth means how much data you are allowed to transfer within a certain time. Most people have a bandwidth cap on their internet connection, for instance 5 gigabytes of uploading/downloading per month - and after that it goes really slow, you know the one :P

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