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WONAAC Lashes Out at Pro-Life Campaign

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The Womens National Abortion Action Campaign (WONAAC) founded in 1973 has been under the radar recently, but has come out today in support of the Family Planning Association's (FPA) application for a licence to commit chemical abortions. WONAAC spokesperson Di Cleary stated in a press release today that,

"The Minister of Health [Tony Ryall] needs to call a halt to anti-abortion fear-mongering by publicly assuring women that medical abortions using the abortion pill are safe...

However this is incorrect. RU486 was invented by Dr Etienne-Emily Baulieu in France in 1980. He stated at the time that using the drug was not a simple procedure and was, "an appalling psychological ordeal for women" as she has to live with her abortion process for a week, or longer. RU486 is considered to be 98% effective in killing the unborn baby, which means that 2% of women may be confronted with an extremely premature baby which will die very shortly after being forced out of the womb. The second drug causes the mother's cervix to soften and dilate and the uterus to contract, expelling the foetus. Usually this occurs within four hours. Many women expel at home, see the foetus and are shocked to see how developed it is.

...Anti-abortion groups are up to their old tricks, using dishonesty and scare tactics to try to restrict New Zealand women’s access to abortion services, Ms. Cleary said.
“The abortion pill (Mifegyne or RU486) has been safely used in New Zealand since 2002 and is available in eight facilities, so it is nothing new,” Ms. Cleary said. “What’s new is Family Planning’s effort to improve access to early medical abortions."

What is new is, The FPA wants to essentially open up 30 new abortion clinics throughout New Zealand. Small towns which could not previously lay claim to the dubious honour of having an abortion clinic will now have easier access to these killing sheds. And because there is no minimum age at which a girl must ask her parents for permission, or even notify them before having an abortion, increasingly young girls will have easier access to abortion throughout New Zealand. This specific law has been put in place to avoid parents declining to permit their child to abort her child, however it is frequently used to cover up the outcome of under-age sex or even rape and incest.

The Pro-Life movement in New Zealand will continue to resist this move by the FPA which will inevitably result in an increase in our already shamefully high rate of abortions. More information is at the Stop Family Planning campaign website.

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