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Arrest Over Unlicensed Chemical Abortion

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abortionist Josh Woodward
Famous L.A. restaurant owner Josh Woodward allegedly committed an abortion against a woman and their 13wk unborn child on 19 October. Girlfriend at the time, Suzy Buckley (pictured) claims that she is not the woman in question - that the mother of the child is Josh's ex-girlfriend. Suzy has now split up with her abortionist boyfriend. The mother reported to the Los Angeles Police Department that,

Woodward kept putting his hand in a plastic bag and then touching her sexually. The woman says she lost the baby a few hours later... and remembers seeing a white powdery substance on her underwear. -

What Woodward was doing was committing the second half of what is known as a Chemical, or RU486 abortion on this woman by applying the abortion drug misopristol externally and without the woman's knowledge of what was going on. referred to the killing of the foetus as a "brutal murder" which is exactly what it was.

The picture to the right is of a bottle of 120 misoprostol tablets, marketed for the prevention of stomach ulcers in dogs which can be purchased from a veterinary store in the States. However according to the dosage table on this webpage, 4 tablets should be

120 Misoprostol tablets
sufficient to force the miscarriage (premature birth) of a pre-born human baby between 13 - 22wks. It will quite possibly be alive upon birth but will die shortly afterwards as its lungs among other things are not yet developed for life outside the womb. Jill Stanek explains what Misoprostol is and how it works,

Misoprostol (trade name Cytotec) is the drug used to dilate the cervix in induced labor abortions. It is also the 2nd half of the RU-486 abortion cocktail. RU-486 kills the preborn baby, and Misoprostol dilates the cervix to expel the dead baby. Misoprostol is easily available via the online black market.

If abortion is really just clearing the uterus or terminating a pregnancy and that's societally acceptable, then the biologically pre-born human must be the property of the mother to do with what she will. Of course this begs the difficult question that abortion supporters must answer: at what point does the pre-born human take on his/her own rights and cease to be owned by the mother? Interesting to note of course that in New Zealand abortion law for instance specifies that "full regard must be given to the rights of the unborn child". Anyway, under the abortion law in L.A. the only two things they could get Josh on would be performing an abortion without a license or performing an abortion without the woman's consent.

"So they take your life because you're a burden in their hands" - Burden in Your Hands by Underoath



Blogger Kaylene said...

Thou shalt not murder, but if you feel this is your life calling, become a doctor.

Incredible. The most tragic oxy-moron I've ever heard of.

5:45 pm, November 18, 2009 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a load of crap! Who's the alleged girl who had the "fetus?"Anyone check her intake or diet plan? Why is she remaining so "anonymous" while the media slanderously accuses this man

11:58 pm, January 28, 2010 

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