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Christchurch Protest Against Family Planning Abortion Bid

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Peter Coleman (Right to Life President) and me
Today I took part in my first anti-abortion protest march. Right to Life hosted a march in opposition to the Family Planning Association's (FPA) application to the Abortion Supervisory Committee for a licence to commit abortions on foetuses up to 9 weeks at their Hamilton centre. The protest went well as we walked from Cathedral Square to the Family Planning Centre. The FPA has stated that they wish to convert their 30 branches throughout New Zealand into abortion clinics, and so their recent application signals the catalyst for a slew of brand new abortion clinics up and down our country.

What's wrong with the FPA getting the license? Women and girls of any age, with or without their parent's knowledge or consent would be able to go into an FPA abortion clinic and receive counselling on their crisis pregnancy. Since the FPA is

foetus, 7wks from conception
pro-abortion and has a vested interest in women choosing abortion as they will gain financially, there will be a strong emphasis on the benefits of going ahead with an abortion. A certifying consultant will likely be present at the clinic, and able to sign off the form. Two certifying consultants are requried to approve abortions, and so a second consultant may be called by phone and asked "to approve an abortion for Jane". Of course this won't be an issue. In 2007 one certifying consultant approved 1,000 abortions and declined none. The task of certifying consultants to determine if a woman's situation justifies her having an abortion is nothing more than a farce, with 98.7% of abortions being granted on the mental health grounds of the mother in 2007. This is one thing that pro-abortion and pro-life advocates are quick to agree upon. Once the certifying consultants are out of the way, the woman can be given the first dose of the two-part deadly, and expensive drug. The drugs required for an RU486 abortion cost approximately $600. The first dose will starve the baby of essential nutrients while the second dose initiates contractions, resulting in the birth of the baby - usually dead, but occasionally alive, dying minutes afterwards. The Most Tranquil blog has a good post with the low down on RU486. It would also mean that towns currently without an abortion clinic - but that have a local Family Planning branch will have much easier access to abortions.

More photos from the march are at the Stop Family Planning website.

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Blogger The Warrior said...

Keep on fighting the good fight!

10:54 am, November 07, 2009 
Blogger Andrew S said...

Good on Ya!

5:02 pm, November 07, 2009 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Andrew why don't you stop being a dickhead and join the rest of the world. Your blogsite provides us with entertainment you tosspot. Don't worry about abortion Andrew, you are gonna die a virgin anyway so it really wont affect you. Keep up the blog, you are providing us with a good laugh.

12:54 pm, November 12, 2009 
Anonymous Scott said...

Rest of the world? You must be extremely closed-minded to think that the entire world, let alone the majority of it, has the same views on abortion as you. The world is a very big and diverse place.

12:10 pm, February 15, 2010 
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good on you for protesting but what does this really do to stop the problem? How many protests actually work?

1:54 am, September 27, 2010 
Blogger Andy said...

protests are a part of the solution.

whether or not they are effective does not take away from our duty to speak out against evil.

1:32 pm, September 27, 2010 

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