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Barbed Wire

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for miles ahead our future lies together,
my eyes are closed, it's only you I see
and side by side through every kind of weather
just winding onwards always we will be

I'm blind to pain, just looking towards the end
and I can see our fates are intertwined
whatever happens, I'll always be your friend.
you know you're always there inside my mind

the sky goes black, I didn't see this coming.
weeds growing high, I think we've lost our way.
I look across, hoping that you'll say something
our eyes meet but you quickly look away.

tightly bound for so long and now we're fraying,
these barbs are sharper, tearing us apart.
I hardly even know what I am saying
the barbs are fear, they're tearing up your heart.

how could those few words have caused this corosion?
dark clouds of bitterness bringing this rust.
I can't continue with this new confusion,
don't know what I believe or who to trust

falling to my knees, you've gone and I am here
merciless rain comes down, my clothes are soaked
looking into the fog, I distantly stare
and now I know I wish I'd never hoped.

I saw a photo focused on rusty barbed-wire about 6 weeks ago, and started writing this poem. Finished it tonight. It's not strictly autobiographical, but nothing ever is. Not every story has a fairytale ending, but that's why they invented sequels isn't it. :)



Blogger Kiwigirl said...

I love it - awesome poem Andy.

7:31 am, November 27, 2009 
Blogger The Editrix said...

^What she said!

9:27 am, November 27, 2009 
Blogger Kaylene said...

Its biographical for a lot of people. Well done. Where's the kleenex?

7:28 am, November 29, 2009 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

thanks :)

4:38 pm, November 30, 2009 
Anonymous lydie said...

I like how you used the idea of barbed wire -twisted and prickly - to talk about the theme. It worked and was original :)
I hope there's going to be another poem coming soon.. a happier ending?

11:02 am, December 01, 2009 
Blogger Siminy said...

You did it!

Awesome work too!

Ought I be able to identify the picture?

12:54 pm, December 09, 2009 
Blogger Andy Moore said...

well, thanks! yep you oughta be able to identify the picture...

1:26 pm, December 09, 2009 

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