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March For Democracy Hijacked

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Children's author reporter David Gadd writes for Fairfax owned, putting forward his version of what took place at the March for Democracy in Auckland earlier today. "Hundreds march over government inaction" reads the headline, immediately followed by the opening statement, "Up to 5,000 people marched up Auckland's Queen Street today..." Technically a gathering of this number can be referred to as hundreds, i.e. fifty hundreds, but that's just preposterous, it is a well-recognised convention that such a figure is referred to as thousands. Meanwhile at the Government radio station website, Radio New Zealand, the wordy headline makes the following fallacious claim, "About 1,000 protesters called on the Government to make referendums binding at a march in central Auckland on Saturday afternoon." The clearly disingenuous attempt to lie about the actual turnout at the march is quickly followed with the claim that the purpose of the march was to call for binding referendums. This false claim was also voiced by the news reader on TV3 as the first line in their opening story on the march. The stated purpose of the march has always been to stand up for democracy - think of that what you will, however it is ridiculous to twist a side issue that only some of the protesters may themselves espouse into the primary purpose of the march. The same pathetic attempt to rewrite events in such a blatantly simple way took place following the Christchurch march against the Anti-Smacking bill in March 2007.

The Herald and TV3 (both non-government funded) to their credit, managed to get at least the headlines of their stories correct.

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